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December 11, 2009


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Its totally understandable: Sanford is the value voters son of a bitch, not someone elses and theyd rather see their philanderer stay in office than have that Nancy boy Lt. Governor get booted up the ladder. Some transgressions are so much easier to forgive than others.


Once again,you guys miss it. Sanfords family situation is sad, but has no effect on his job performance. Values voters want proper policy. If Sanford were up for reelection, he would be toast. Resigning or reelection are different issues. The heavy handed ethics report was a hit job and likely resulted in a backlash. What they tried to call public resources is at best silly and at worst a purposeful twisting of the law to achieve a poltical result.It is nothing worthy of removal or resignation. If he committed crimes, like Clinton did, that would be a different issue. President Clintons personal life was well known. His perjury and obstruction of justice almost undid him. It was not his distasteful personal behavior which was at issue.


I, confussed. Sanford is a republican and had an affair with a woman? Really... a woman? I thought all GOPers only married women to hide their creepy closeted homosexual attraction to men and having wide stance sex in mens rooms across amerikkka? The last unelected shaved monkey failure liked to flaunt having sex with Saudi princes on TVand have male hookers placed in the press corp so they would be super close to him in case he wanted to act on his urges a few times a day. I though you had to be a closeted homosexual to even become a republican these days.


Sanfords family situation is sad, but has no effect on his job performance.He blew off his job for a week to go to Argentina. His own staff admits that they had no clue where he might be, and he did not transfer executive power to anyone. Id say that going AWOL from work has an effect on his job performance.

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