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March 24, 2009


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13. Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it. In conflict tactics there are certain rules that [should be regarded] as universalities. One is that the opposition must be singled out as the target and 'frozen.'... "...any target can always say, 'Why do you center on me when there are others to blame as well?' When your 'freeze the target,' you disregard these [rational but distracting] arguments.... Then, as you zero in and freeze your target and carry out your attack, all the 'others' come out of the woodwork very soon. They become visible by their support of the target...' "One acts decisively only in the conviction that all the angels are on one side and all the devils on the other." (pps.127-134)


The Limbaughphobic Obot cultists make me laugh! LOL!!Warning Label: Obotic kool-aid may result in paranoia. LOL!!


I think some people hAVE way to much time on their hands to take a poll on a private citizen. Why not devote your time and money to a charity. This poll mean NOTHING!!!


Rush is not only a fine entertainer, but also an excellent teacher on subjects that our fine educational system seem to think unnecessary such as civics, history,and economics.Anyone who has a negative opinion about Rush has never truly listened to his program. Rush talks about the greatness of the individual, and our country. Why would such common sense themes be deemed negative? Deep down, anyone with an ouce of funtioning grey matter would have to agree that our country is responsible for far more good than bad. I am proud of our country, and Rush. He has the message that more people need to hear. Go ahead liberals,shout the negative comments on Rush all you want. It's great advertising for his show! Perhaps more people will want to know what all the fuss is about, tune in, and learn a few things that were left out of their "complete" education.Remember all you rush haters out there, we are all "talent on loan from God" Use it wisely.


Its no mistake that Sir Rushbo, has been the TOP NOTCH radio talk show host for years. Ive come to respect this man for his NO-NONSENSE style, he is a compassionate decent man. And on top of what he does best ... giving us the FACTS! Yes, I voted for Obama and am deeply troubled now. In any event, Ive finally seen the light and plan to register as a Republican for the next election! Thank & Bless you Rush!


"Other than Republicans and Conservatives..."Who the hell cares what the leftists think? It's those same Republicans and Conservatives that are growing Rush's audience every single day!No wonder the donks are so afraid.DUH!


Sounds like your poll is a bunch B.S........Rush is interesting...Right on Right on......Get over it liberals...GypsyCowboy


AS being from Arkansas I must testify to the fact that not a week goes by here in south Ar. that peaple don't talk about how correct Rush is and how he has our rotton stinking goverment tagged like a zoo elephant


I think Rush is doing a great job and I am from AR. If they are going to poll makes sure it covers more people. You keep telling us how it is Rush.

flyover country

Funny how the split was pretty close on Rep. and Dem. But nobody wanted to admit to being liberal.


Is this a popularity poll? I guess Rush won't be "Most Likely To Succeed" either.


Rush, I'm a 28 year old Conservative here in Fletcher, NC and a avid listener of your show! Why do demoncrats despise you so much? Because Conservatism is contagious an you're a carrier, Rush! Keep up the good fight.-Dan


I don't know who PPP is, but it probably is People Pissed at Publicans. I bet that Blanche Lincoln (Dem,AR) had something to do with the poll since she is up for reelection and continues to be one of the Obama girls along with Boxer, Feinstein,Snow et al.I wasn't polled either and will continue to listen and enjoy Rush on a daily basis. I just hope that the AR Republican Party has the cajones to pick a candidate that can beat Lincoln, she is very vunerable with her stance on Card Check, Stimulus backing,immigration,Fairness Doctrine and other Democratic BS.


Paul, that is a valid point, but does it matter? I'm certain that Rush would get positive ratings among his own listeners, but that's not what PPP wants to find out- their intention is to find out if the whole Democratic strategy to tie the GOP to Rush is effective- and useful.I would've liked them to use this as a crosstab, though.


Tom,There has been a lot of controversy lately and ongoing about how you ask a question. I would be interested to know how many of those people who do not like Rush Limbaugh have actually heard from him. I would have to say his numbers (ratings) would be very much in conflict with your polling. That is the weakness of your kind of polling. You could ask if someone like Rush and then ask a second question if they don’t to say have you listened to Rush for more than let’s say 10 minutes at a time or let’s say 30 minutes during any week. I run into so many people that say they do not like Rush but then admit they only base it off of the left wing (main stream) media. They never actually listen to him.Paul Terrell III


Though I don't get why you are so focused on polling Rush Limbaugh, Tom. I know that you try to find innovate things to poll, but this isn't even new, Greenbergs Democracy Corps does the same. And it is senseless and just provides Rush with a talking point about the evil Democrat media (and pollsters).And he sort of isn't even wrong- you try to paint him as the leader of the Republican Party, and your numbers on Rush Limbaughs leadership are several times higher than those of other polls (like Rasmussen).How was your question phrased?


God, if you want to critizise the poll why don't you take a go at the numbers? This is pretty weak.A poll can neither be socialist, nor communist. Not that any of you has an idea what that terms mean.Also, it does not need to ask everyone to get an exact result- that's called a representative sample.Oh, and righton- I guess thoseP($$ Poor Polling Respondants try to bash Rush because awww.. they don't like him. This poll does not imply that Rush isn't successful- it just says that he isn't well liked by the majority. But of course it would be enough for him if even 10% of the population liked him- that would still be an audience of 30 millionYou just don't understand the basic concept of a poll. Makes me wonder why you read a polling blog- did Rush link to this?


So PPP- P($$ Poor Polling- is trying to bash Rush? Meanwhile he takes more money to the bank than any of these PPP morons will ever dream of. What a joke they are--Mr. Limbaugh knows what they'll never know- it's lonely at the top.


Polls are useless. I live in NC and love to listen to Rush but did they ask me?? No, of course not.


I could only wish Rush were the head of the Republican party, but alas he is not. Republican elected officials are cowards, Rush is not.


It is not Rush that you need to be concerned about, Dems. It is your own communist agenda. Blame America and Americans first, for what, so you can own it? Wag the dog, Dems. I still have enough faith in Americans that understand what this country was founded upon, to know there comes a time of reckoning. My children know what you have done, as will their children. You will stand before God one day just as we will, and what will you say then? Propaganda and lies ain't gonna cut it.


Who's Rush's audience right now? A lot of political movers and shakers and the like. If you can get free advertising for your company, what better way? I saw a headline to an article the other day about why Rush would hate some movie. That's a lazy way to get your stuff read. It saves you from actually having to make your work interesting.

Byron from NC

This poll, like all the other socialist polls, is all part of the Obama propaganda agenda. We know Rush is popular; that's what scares the Democrats so much.


Amazing what some consider newsworthy. Even more amazing what some folks will poll.I've been listening to Limbaugh for over a decade now. I've had numerous conversations with liberal friends who pretend to know what he represents--usually hate, bigotry, etc. Sadly, none of those friends have ever really listened to him. Instead they count on the press (or polls) to tell them how to think. The best part of Limbaugh is that he challenges listeners to THINK. Those that do will soon realize that what they've been told is largely a lie. Those that don't listen to him will continue to believe the lie (along with countless other lies, including those that portray corporations as evil, rather than sources of livelihood and progress).Rush is right! He's right NOT because he's Limbaugh, but because what he believes is based upon reason and an understanding of history. Others should try thinking. Soon they'd discover that our nation is still capable of being the greatest nation in the world. NOT because we're America, but because our nation was based upon reason and an understanding of history.Limbaugh isn't the leader of the Republican party...but he probably should be. He's one of few who are courageously saying what needs to be said!


I don't see why the people in charge care so much. Limbaugh is not a politician any more than Jon Stewart. No one asks if Jon Stewart is the voice of the Democrats, even though by and large it seems that that's where most liberals get their news. The MSM just wishes they had the same number of listeners/viewers/readers as Limbaugh. It's pathetic.


It is so weird for polling agencies to take a poll on a private citizen. My question to tom is "Why are listeners to Rush growing every year?"I can understand the poll from a political angle. You spread the myth about Rush being the leader of the republican party and try to drive the moderates out of the party. In the other side, you are also making more people to check on the radio show of Rush Limbaugh. When people start listening to him once, often they find that, he is not that radical person and start believing him.


The poll is meaningless. (surprise!) Just because you don't believe Rush should be the leader of the Republican party doesn't mean you don't have a favorable view of him. It might just mean that you think someone in the party with some gonads should step up and be a conservative, unashamed to speak for small government and the individual freedom to succeed or failure on your own. Instead the party has a talk show host as the de facto leader.The choice is clear. The party needs to put itself in the hands of those that possess Reagan conservatism in their core or continue on their path toward insignificance.


We're looking at $4T of deficit spending and we're debating an AM radio show host. What is this highly reputable polling organization, trusted by people of all political persuasions, going to do for an encore- poll on the "approval" rating of Regis Philbin?


Rush 24/7 member here from Arkansas!


Let me guess where you polled in Arkansas, Fayetteville or east Little Rock? There are two different power struggles in Arkansas, NW Arkansas and the rest of the state. NW Arkansas is conservative - Wal Mart, Tyson, etc. I would be very interested to find out where you took your results.


last Anon, this is a random poll. They ask people everywhere in Arkansas, not just in one place. They call several thousand random phone numbers- all over Arkansas.


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2014 :
Rated Most Accurate Pollster in Governor’s Races Nationally

2012 :
Correctly predicted the winner of every state in the Presidential race, and the winner of every major Senate race

2010 :
First pollster to predict Scott Brown’s upset win over Martha Coakley in the Massachusetts Senate race, only pollster to predict Christine O’Donnell’s upset victory over Mike Castle in the Delaware Republican Senate primary.

2008 :
Ranked by the Wall Street Journal as the 2nd most accurate swing state pollster in the Presidential election.

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Dean Debnam Dean Debnam
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PPP is best known for putting out highly accurate polling on key political races across the country, but we also do affordable private research for candidates and organizations.  Why pay tens of thousands of dollars for a survey when one of the most reliable companies in the nation can do it for less?"

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