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October 14, 2008


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The senate races in Georgia, Mississippi, Oregon, Texas, and Kentucky.


As someone who also lives in Michigan, I always love a good Michigan poll. However, there have been a few lately that show a good-sized Obama lead, so I voted for Indiana. Like many others here, though, my first choice would have been West Virginia. My third choice is North Dakota.


My write-in is WV, but my backup is most certainly GA.


South Carolina!!! South Carolina! We need PPP to help SUSA with their sampling (again).C'mon, peoples. Indiana is stinky and yucky and gross. South Carolina is the one you want.(I think that was a persuasive, intelligent argument. Also, I used to live in Louisville and work in So. Indiana, so I can honestly say that Indiana really and truly doesn't completely, totally suck in every way. Most days.)Oh, and I also think a WV would be good - after SC, of course.


Its not one of your listed options..but it seems like polling the Oregon Senate race would be an easy call.


...Arizona over West Virginia? Really?I still stand by WV, but I suppose IN will have to do.


West FREAKING Virginia!

Edward Carlsson Browne

WV or AR would be good. I'd also be interested in polling of ND, MT or SD. I suspect the recent poll showing Obama up in ND was an outlier but it'd be nice to have a better picture of the area.


can't you poll ALL Of them?


Arizona - because the most devastating possible news for McCain is that he is only a couple points up in his home state and has to return to defend it.Yes, being only up a few points in Georgia or Indiana or the like is bad, but Arizona is his home state and can't be explained away because it has a very low black population.


Indiana is my choice. There has been a dearth of polling there. My second choice would be Georgia (although I'd love to see what is happening n Montana, but that state is not on the list).


Arizona, please! Let's see what's going on in McCain's home state!


I agree with others that say West Virginia. Arkansas is another I would like to see.

app state

I picked Georgia, but only because West Virginia was not available.


Utah anybody?I vote for Mississippi


What about West Virginia? That's my write-in vote.

Who Shot Sam

I would have chosen West Virginia or Arkansas if either were offered as a choice. Of those offered, Indiana would most interest me.


I would like to get an Indiana poll sometime, but I would really like for you to poll a lot of the possible upsets in the South. SUSA may have Obama down 8 in Georgia, for example, but considering how badly they called it in the primary, I would like for you to poll those races as well. Hence, I voted for GA.I think that we have quite a few Ohio/Florida polls already, actually, so it would be nice for you to substitute another state for your Florida one. Like WV; we really need to get a better pollster than ARG to look at that. The recent R2000/Dkos WV-02 poll's internals did somewhat confirm it (though the poll itself was very flawed due to messed-up party composition)


West Virginia really needs to be polled by you guys. There's evidence showing it as a close race but nobody's polling it(except the R2K poll of only one of the districts)We need a statewide poll!


No Arkansas? :-(GA and MS are interesting for the Senate races...


You guys comfortable that the robopolling prohibition isn't a problem in Indiana anymore? I'd love to get some fresh numbers there. Oh, and let me echo the last thread: having West Virginia or Arkansas as an option for the next cycle would be great.


Hey Tom, nice to know you are fellow Michigander. I still am one though :-)


Indiana, Indiana, Indiana!


I voted for Georgia... interested to see if the close Senate race is going to spill over to top of ticket.2nd choice would have been Arkansas... but it's not on the list. There hasn't been a poll in Arkansas since mid September - before the gap closed in GA and MO... something's got to be brewin' down in Little Rock.

Clem G.

With another poll confirming W.Va. as a toss up, it is crying out for you to poll.


Nevada! Please poll Nevada! While Id like to see another reliable poll of the Presidential race, Id also love to see reliable polls of NV-02 & NV-03. The LVRJ/Mason-Dixon poll released last weekend was simply screwy, as the sample sizes in the Congressional polls were WAY TOO SMALL (only 236) and the overall internals just didnt make sense (in no other Nevada poll do voters blame Democrats as much as Republicans for the economic crisis).Im shocked to see myself say this, but Mason-Dixon so far has been one of the worst pollsters this cycle... Down there with even ARG and Zogby! Thats why Id love for you to poll Obama v. McCain, Derby v. Heller, and Titus v. Porter in The Silver State.


I would like a poll with New Mexico just to confirm what is happening in the Mountain West (Colorado, New Mexico and Nevada) all heavily trending towards Obama.


Three states are drastically underpolled this cycle: MS, ND, and WV. I'd like to see someone poll all of them, but Mississippi has to win out because it has a close Senate race as well. WV is a close second (and hopefully it will be on next week's list).


There have been 5 polls of GA in October, but none of AZ. Go AZ! But if I had to choose one not on your list, it would be AR. Barely any polling has been done there this year. And since it seems WV is moving towards toss-up status and MO is firmly there, if not tilting Obama, could AR be far behind?


I'm thinking that MO will be the last redstate to fall along with possibly NC, IN is a longshot and WV is out of the question--too many dumba---err I mean "low info voters". Those other states--fuhgettaboutit--not gonna happen.However I own homes in AZ and NC and chose to vote in NC this year--and would like to know if I doublecrossed myself. I would like to see AZ polled--it's been underpolled this cycle--and I suspect it's close.


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